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We wanted a local project to focus our fundraising this year.  What better than to get a Community Defibrillator for the village??  If we save just one life, it will be worth it!!
Working with the community we have the following aims;
  • Raise enough funds (approx £1000) to install a Community Defibrillator - this will be accessible 24hrs to anyone needing this valuable lifesaving equipment
  • Raise awareness and provide training for the local community on valuable emergency first aid
  • Raise funds and provide training for a First Response team, to provide vital emergency assistance in the local area
  • Assist the local school in setting up valuable, ongoing, emergency first aid training and awareness to local school children and their families

We also raised further funds to locate the defib in an external cabinet, so that it is readily available 24/7

Progress so far - 

We've raised £1249.60 so far,

We've held  a Heartstart training session, which over 20 local residents attended, gaining valuable knowledge of emergency first aid.  This was organised with help from the Stewatry Voluntary Service and the local Ambulance team

We're in the process of purchasing our Community Defibrillator with the help and advice of the Voluntary Service