Traditional Sunday Roast

12-2.30 & 5.30-9

1-course £9.95 / 2-course £11.95 / 3-course £13.95

Gluten Free Menu






We pride ourselves on our traditional home cooking and use of local produce in our menu - our Sunday Roast is no different

Our Joints come from family run Compstonend Farm here in Twynholm.  We always have Beef Silverside, plus at least one other joint each week.  Served with Nannies Yorkies and lovely stock gravy.  Add our creamy mashed potato, lovely home roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables...great!!  

main course £9.95 / 2-courses £11.95 / 3-courses £13.95

Small portions available too!!

Book in advance and have 2mains for £17, including drink

And yes -  Gluten Free Yorkies also available!!