Traditional Sunday Roast

12-2.30 & 5.30-9

1-course £9.95 / 2-course £11.95 / 3-course £13.95

Gluten Free Menu






Tickle your taste buds
Rustic Garlic Bread - £3.25 v gfa
  Our own garlic bread will get your mouth watering
Homemade Vegetable Spring Rolls - £5.25 v gf
    A light starter, served on crispy salad leaves,
with delicious sweet chilli dip
Homemade Chicken Liver Pate - £5.25 gfa
with Simons red onion marmalade, oatcakes or toast
Star Soup - £3.75 v gfa
    We make fresh, delicious soups, using seasonal ingredients,
served with fresh bread
Star Prawns - £5.25 gfa
    Juicy north Atlantic prawns, served on a crisy salad cocktail,
with our own special sauce and fresh bread
Garlic Mushrooms - £5.25 v gfa
Our own unique sauce with get your taste buds tingling,
served with fresh bread