Traditional Sunday Roast

12-2.30 & 5.30-9

1-course £9.95 / 2-course £11.95 / 3-course £13.95

Gluten Free Menu






Sweet Surprise
We believe in 'puddings' rather than fancy desserts, so treat yourself and bring back memories with our traditional dishes
Tipsy Laird - £3.75 v gf
A light dessert and unique to the Star - our take on the traditional
Scottish trifle.  Homemade sponge, soaked in brandy & whisky, layered
with bananas, custard & cream
Syrup or Jam Sponge - £3.75 v gf
Fantastic homemade sponge, smothered in syrup or jam and served with
custard, cream or Cream 'O Galloway ice-cream
Cream 'O Galloway Sundae - £4.25 v gf
Not for the calorie counters, delicious mix of ice-cream, fruit 7 cream,
with a choice of strawberry or chocolate sauce
Sticky Toffee Pudding - £3.75 v gf
So popular we've put it on our main menu!  
Served with Simons caramel sauce & Galloway Ice-cream
Banoffie Stack - £3.75 v gf
Our take on the Banoffie pie, layers of biscuit, bananas, caramel and
cream make a deliciously light pudding
Cheese Board - £5.25 v gfa
Not to be missed, our fabulous selection of local cheeses,
with crackers & oatcakes